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About ClearShift Cars

If you're like most people you've spent many hours searching online to find the car or truck that's right for you. Then you called the dealership...they never called back, so you decided to visit. Will it be there? Will they honor the advertised price? Will they pay me a fair amount for my trade? Then the big one; How long is this going to take?

Headed out to buy your dream car and all you feel is fear and anxiety, you feel like giving up before you even start. Why? Because you've been there before, and you've hated it every time. Spending a whole day with people you don't trust, wondering why it takes so long to buy a car.

We know exactly how you feel, most people feel the same way, that's why we created ClearShift!

If you follow the ClearShift process you'll spend about 20 minutes online and on the phone, once you've scheduled an appointment, you'll spend another 45 minutes looking over your car and signing the papers. That's it!

CarGurus - 2020 Top Rated Dealer

The annual CarGurus Top Rated Dealer awards are presented to a select group of car dealerships that have received the highest average ratings from shoppers who have submitted dealership reviews on the CarGurus platform. The dealers receiving the award provide exceptional customer service, as expressed in their customers’ online reviews.

ClearShift Cars is honored to have been named a CarGurus 2020 Top Rated Dealer! We will continue to do our best to offer the best quality cars at the most competitive prices everyday!

About CarGurus

CarGurus is building the world’s most trusted and transparent automotive marketplace. They make it easy to find great deals from top-rated dealers and provide the guidance consumers need to make a more informed purchase. They also help dealers and private sellers quickly and easily market their vehicles and connect with ready-to-buy shoppers.