Photo of ClearShift Founder and President Jeff VanderWal

Jeff VanderWal

Founder and President of ClearShift

Born and Raised in Colorado, Jeff VanderWal is a non-traditional industry entrepreneur. After approaching over 18 years of cultivating an improved way in which vehicles are retailed to consumers, Jeff has developed an industry changing approach and business model within the retail automotive space.

With a natural affinity for cars and trucks, and a default for providing value to customers, Jeff began an automotive consulting company  in 2003. Seeing the opportunity to increase his service to consumers, he founded a private client leasing company in 2007, VanderWal Motorcar Company. Through this venture, Jeff brokered vehicles directly to consumers, removing the hassle that goes with a car purchase, and the typical trip to an auto dealership. Exceptional customer experience, and repeat and referral business, helped grow VanderWal Motorcar Company’s leasing portfolio in 2009, and the company had grown to receive national recognition. VanderWal Motorcar Company’s private client base catered to professional athletes, business owners and the demands of their unusual schedules, as well as a large commercial client leasing portfolio.

By 2012 Jeff had welcomed a 200% annual growth in revenue, and was recognized by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce as one of Denver’s Top 30 under 30. This achievement was never achieved prior to or since by anyone in the automotive field. Following continued growth in 2014, VanderWal Motorcar Company sales exceeded $10 million annually, and Jeff began seeking an opportunity to grow his organization in order to reach more people and demonstrate that automotive sales can be a great experience, and done at great scale and profits. Approaching another fundamental leap in growth in 2014, VanderWal Motorcar Company recorded $18 million annually.

We are innovators and change agents. We set out to be clear and transparent, and to shift in a new direction in the automotive industry. We are ClearShift, and we wanted to change things moving forward in the automotive industry, connect with people through digital media, and help more customers have an enjoyable purchase experience.

Jeff VanderWal

Founder and President, ClearShift

In 2017, Jeff transformed his private client leasing company into ClearShift Leasing & Sales. ClearShift now brings to life the perfect vehicle shopping and purchase experience. ClearShift has quickly grown to have a nationwide presence, and enjoyed significant increase in sales and industry influence. With now over $7 million in vehicle inventory, a team of 50+ employees, a full vehicle detail and reconditioning shop, and advanced dealer and business technology, ClearShift is able to serve and deliver vehicles to clients all over the country. ClearShift has exceeded $60 million in sales in 2020, and is looking forward to additional growth in 2021. 

Jeff VanderWal has become an industry leader in technology-based sales as well as an advocate for social impact worldwide. Jeff is a member of the CarGurus Dealer Advisory Board with their founder, Langley Steinert. Jeff is a senior board member for 3DMia, LLC, which is a global impact B corporation in Zeeland Michigan. 3DMia operates in three continents with over 1,000 employees many of which have been rescued from human trafficking. 

What’s next?

When you’re ready, the team at ClearShift will be here for you! Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision. A new car, truck, or SUV connects you to so many things in life, and the timing has to be right for you. Rest assured, that when you are ready to make a vehicle purchase, ClearShift will be here to make it enjoyable for you!